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Imilingo provides global mining solutions, such as a fit-for-purpose complete sorting system, to the mining industry. We also offer dredging solutions in collaboration with leading submersible pump suppliers. Our service offerings include Project Management, Technical Analysis and Support while making sure your business requirements are met with our various products and solutions. Our range of innovative products include modular material handling products – iPlant™, iFeed™, iConvey™ and iScreen™ developed to operate in the harshest environments and our latest development, a Dredging solution, iDredge™.

Our process involves four simple steps

Approach • Resource • Business Development • Implementation


lmilingo is a mining company based in South Africa with strong engineering roots. We have experience with diamond, coal and tungsten sorting, whilst also addressing the sorting of other heavy metals. We have also branched out to assist mining companies in Africa with our latest development – dredging equipment with submersible pump requiring no divers. Depending on your business needs, we can offer a complete project lifecycle, from business concept through to execution. With options to rent or procure outright our bespoke sorting systems.

Our approach to new clients is providing a customer service that is tailored to specific project needs. Whether our clients have a new project, which needs full life-cycle support, are looking for a specific product i.e. a sorting system or wants to integrate a solution into an existing project, Imilingo can match their business requirements to our project resources.

When it comes to Resource we give our clients the right tools and solutions to help manage their sustainability by assessing the resource and energy required to extract minerals in a way that makes business sense.

After assessing your project, Imilingo can assist to capture the potential within your resource by adopting a structured approach to invest in the correct process engineering, which will lead to the selection of suitable systems and equipment. We have developed a fit-for-purpose sorting system which can be customised to your project and resource requirements.

The next step in our approach is Business Development to help our clients in the mineral, mining and engineering industry prosper and discover new sensor based sorting technologies and other cutting-edge products or solutions.

The last step of our approach is Integration of Imilingo’s sorting system components into an existing processing plant while ensuring that all process factors are considered. The technical and business impact of integrating a sorting solution is assessed and the viability thereof confirmed before moving on to execution of the system integration.


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