Imilingo’s latest product is presented in the form of the iDredge™ in association with Tsurumi Pumps Africa. The iDredge™ has been developed specifically for a diamond mining project in the DRC and has relevance for other similar applications. The Dragflow Submersible pump (sourced through Tsurumi Pumps Africa) boasts a nominal flow rate of 200 cubic meters per hour, with up to 60mm sized particles pumped through a 150NB pipe. The pump is suspended from a rotatable crane structure, which also serves as lifting equipment for maintenance tasks. The position of the iDredge™ on the river is controlled via an onboard control panel through four winches mounted inside the pontoons. The winch cables are fed through the four corners of the dredge and anchored to the river bank. The depth of the pump is also controlled from the control panel and depth readings provided for logging of pumping operations.

The pump is driven electrically and fed via a cable from the river bank and space has been created in the pontoons for housing two diesel generators as a more mobile option. Material is fed through a sizing screen, removing the undersize and oversize material.

Hydraulically driven pump and winches are also offered as an option.


  • Collapsible for Transport
  • Positioning on river with 4 x Winches anchored to the river sides
  • Position on dam controlled via on-board control panel
  • Materials of Construction based on client requirements
  • Marine Spec Corrosion Protection
  • 360 Degree Movable Crane for Maintenance purposes
  • Option to install 2 x Generators in hulls for full mobility
  • Option to add 3D Sonar Scanner with monitor for viewing of suction area
  • Option to add Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) for protection of pontoon hulls against rock damage


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