Integration with existing projects

What makes Imilingo stand out from the crowd is the ability to match different business requirements of each client by providing a custom service resulting in a fit-for-purpose sorting system.


The most important aspect of integration is to understand the business impact of the proposed changes and additions. Imilingo has a strong focus on ensuring that projects provide a benefit to the operation before any capital is invested in equipment.

Process Assessment

The first step in analysing your opportunity is to gather process information on your existing plant, including production trends and process characteristics of the resource you are dealing with. Once the process is understood and a desktop study proves the viability of a project we move onto the technical aspects of incorporating sorting equipment into your existing plant.

Technical Assessment and Costing

A technical assessment is done by gathering as-built information of your plant by doing a laser scan, which provides very accurate dimensional information. This information is superimposed onto the equipment suggested as an output of the process assessment phase. A proposed layout of the sorting equipment within your existing plant environment is issued for review and costed upon approval.


Process Follow-through

Optimisation is achieved by giving your team guidance in tracking the performance of the newly installed system within your plant. It is vital to have all necessary measuring capabilities in place to ensure that the effect of the change can be measured. Our process engineer will ensure that this aspect is addressed during the Process Assessment phase.



The Imilingo team has experience in various brownfields projects, including the integration of sorting systems in Diamond and Tungsten applications across Africa.


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